Are you an animator looking for be part of sci-fi history? If so, you've come to the right place.

We are looking for 3D animators who are interested in helping us bring the films to life in the following areas:

- character design
- cityscapes
- technology art concept and design

So, what do we are looking for in our animators?
Well, first and foremost, you need to be creative and open-minded to futuristic concepts (after all, this is a sci-fi project!) and be willing to help us expand on preliminary designs created by our current Art Department. If you tick that box, you're halfway there already!

Due to the lack of finances, this position is for volunteers only - at least for now. Incidentally, if you're good at helping us promote the project and raising funds, it will definitely work in your favour!

Here is the tricky part. How patient are you? We are an international crew and patience is very much a virtue. Due to time differences between countries, there will be delays in correspondence. In addition, our members are doing this of their own free will as well as their full-time/part-time jobs. You need to be prepared that your design concepts or ideas may not be viewed for several days.

Copyright and confidentiality
Yes, here comes the legal stuff. But then, you expected that, right? When your application is accepted, it is assumed that you will not tell anyone else about the script or any of the concept designs without our permission. It's what we call a confidentiality agreement. After all, we can't have the competition stealing our ideas now, can we? You retain the rights to your work, but Crafty Lion Productions has the right or permission to use your work. If you fit into our team, you won't anything to worry about. In case you're wondering, you will definitely get credit for your designs.

Application process
Well, that's about it.

If you're still interested, please contact our founder at and provide samples of your work for evaluation. The founder will then collaborate with the current Art Department for their input and a decision will be made from there.

Remember what we said about patience? Well, this decision could take about a week so don't despair.