The series focuses on the officers serving on the policeship, the Equanimous. The Equanimous is the first policeship built for the fleet of the InterGalactic Investigative Division (or IGID for short). Hence, StarPol officers of all ranks see it as a distinguished privilege to serve on such a ship. Over the centuries, it has been renovated and updated to meet the criteria for modern crime-fighting and is at the cutting edge of technology. Any officer working in the IGID are said to be the pick of the crop. So, it’s not surprising that their colleagues serving on the Equanimous are hailed as the very best of the best in StarPol.

Getting onto the Equanimous crew isn’t easy. With about 700 billion officers in StarPol in total from all alien life-forms, only 2000 of those are applicable for service on the Equanimous so the odds are astronomically small – about 1,250 million to 1 in fact!