A powerful and highly dangerous organised crime group - Human Pride - is threatening the universe’s safety and privacy, unleashing fears from all walks of life. In response, a special police force is developed to fight it off. That’s where StarPol makes its autocratic presence known.

Housed within the sturdiness of the spacestation alone, there are more than 2000 courageous officers on guard aboard each of the police starships, ready to grapple some of the universe’s most devious breaches of the law.

They’re no ordinary officers either. Having officers from all over the universe with different talents and areas of expertise, StarPol governs some of the universe’s most experienced officers - ranging from ex-military personnel to medical and engineering professionals.

With the help of a non-police undercover agency known as the Dark Empire, the intellectual deductions of the detectives, the physical and mental versatility of the Tactical Elite Unit and the communication flexibility of the administrative staff, it’s almost impossible for Human Pride to commit a crime and get away with it.

Brace yourselves as the StarPol officers take you through a captivating underworld expedition unlike any other. Be prepared to experience the human side to each of the six characters - including the androids - as they carry out the hazardous job of protecting the innocent occupants of the universe from Human Pride’s criminal masterminds.

Conceived in 1996 by creator Caetlyn McLean, Governance is an action sci-fi series over 20 years in the making.