A lot has changed since the series was first broadcast in 2010. Even back then, the series had been in the making for over 10 years. While the episodes remained essentially the same, character and faction names evolved to become something different - including the general concept of the series.

Originally, the series was just to be about a police force in the 32nd Century fighting crime in space. However, that meant there was little chance of the series ever ending which may or may not have been ideal for any actors attached to it.

In the revised version of the series, there is now a definite arc in the storyline. The series will run for three seasons, each focusing on different stages of governance (hence the new name of the series) across the universe. A quick breakdown:

  • Season 1 introduces the main characters and the reason for Brixx Quilbyss being there.
  • In Season 2, Human Pride from Brixx's timeline arrive in the 32nd Century and start their newly formed dominance over "inferior" species.
  • In Season 3, the surrounding galaxies are in tatters with Human Pride being the main government force. What's left of StarPol, Espial and the surviving aliens factions try to work with Brixx in order to stop Human Pride from taking complete control – with a few surprises along the way.

Characters come and go. Some become superfluous to the story while others are cut out of the series purely to give the other characters more airtime and focus. Below is a list of changes we made to the characters in the last 10 years.

  • Ben Gang. A name some may remember from the 2010 series. Originally, his surname was supposed to have an Asian pronunciation to it. However, the Caucasian actors who had to pronounce it just couldn't get their minds around it. So his name has been changed to Brixx Quilbyss to make it sound more alien and futuristic. Plus, we just didn't think that the name Ben sounded like someone from the far future.
  • Michelle Richards. At the time, we thought it was a good idea to have more of a female presence in the Tactical Elite Unit. However, as we slowly began to cut back on the main characters of the series, we realised it tilted the balance between the male and female roles. So, Michelle became Mark Richards but the character's background remained the same.
  • Hilary Jackson. Now, you wouldn't think this was a clever enough name for an android, would you? Neither did we after the 2010 broadcast. For starters, the name sounded much more human than we would have liked. So we changed it to Perl McIntosh. Why? Well, the name itself is based purely around computers. PERL is a common computer language used mainly in coding programmes while McIntosh is a type of computer.
  • Caro Ahjin. This character was originally a recurring cast member in the 2010 series. However, he was cut out of the cast list during the cull for the new series. Now, we are going to re-introduce him into the second season to replace one of the other characters who leaves at the end of the first season.

There is only one real faction name change which we decided was imperative - Devil's Spawn. At the time, we thought it was a great name until we realised that having a criminal faction with biblical connotations would probably lead to some controversy. So, we changed it to Human Pride.

Why, Human Pride, you ask? Well, for starters, the original idea of the crime group was that it was a futuristic version of a White Supremacist group, only in this case the race was that of Humans. Therefore, it made sense that the name for the group would have the word "Human" in it. We also realised that for most extremist groups to carry out their act, they must have some form of pride attached. And so, Human Pride came to be.

Just a point of note. Our religious watching of sci-fi films where humans are visited by aliens from outer space made us realise that all these films had one thing in common. Human beings seemed to think they were more far superior than any of the alien life-forms that visited them and were determined to have complete control over the alien species. This ties in perfectly with our concept of Human Pride's intentions and their involvement in the second and third season of the series.