Name: Zira Rapnin

Gender: Female

Rank: Sergeant

Division: Command

Species: TBA

Character Biography

Zira’s a woman of many interests, although she has admitted she is rather picky as to what subject to discuss. You could say she’s sensitive to certain subjects, hence the unwillingness to talk about particular things. She is a shy person who tends to listen rather than talk, preferring to absorb background information before putting her two-cents worth. There have been times where she has opened her mouth about something and made a fool of herself!

In the early days of her career, Zira was seen by most of her colleagues as a daredevil, living in the fast-lane and thriving on the thrills and hype that vitalised the universe. In fact, she was so daring, she often gave them headaches with her act-first-explain-later antics. Zira prides herself in making quick, precise decisions - a quality that has given her a speed ticket to promotion. Others, though, may see her as something of a cat amongst the pigeons. She likes to be seen as the finest in her field and sometimes takes command of dangerous situations even when she isn’t supposed to. She can be quite dogmatic and patronising, rarely settling for second best and occasionally makes herself impossible to work with!

Portrayed by: Cheryl Douglas (2010 audio series)