Name: Tyna Gray

Gender: Female

Rank: Special Lieutenant

Division: Tactical Elite Unit

Species: Hybrid (Human/Barekeen)

Tyna witnessed her mother’s murder by her father's hand at a young age and, knowing she would the next victim, fled to the streets with her sister where no one would find them. Unfortunately, they were separated during a police raid just a few days later and she hasn’t seen her since. The bad treatment she received from cops made her vow never to be involved with them again. When she was 15, however, she met Quani and things changed completely. Quani’s parents welcomed her into their home, encouraged her to go to school and join StarPol. In fact, if it hadn’t been for Quani, she would never have realised her full potential.

Known to most as “the Sphinx”, she’s not only one by name, but also most definitely one by nature. She is just the person needed to catch streetwise criminals. A former agent, she joined to the uniform section and became a Tactical Elite Officer. She’s also the director of a secret undercover and intelligence agency known as the Dark Empire, a division of the Espial, which has outposts all over the galaxy. In fact, it’s so secret, no one but the Espial and StarPol knows whether it really exists.

She also has a very special hatred for Human Pride - least because it is headed by her father, Ravis Gray.

Portrayed by: Maree Ackehurst (2010 audio series)