Name: Quani Andrews

Gender: Female

Rank: Detective Corporal

Division: Investigations

Species: Human Cyborg

Three years ago, Quani had been involved in a high-speed skychase. The car she was driving had lost control and the vehicle smashed into the side of a building. Her partner was killed instantly. She would have lost her life too, if it hadn’t been for a senior electronics medical team. Quani lost right left arm and her sight as a result of the accident. Fortunately, the medical team was able to replaced her missing body parts with cybernetic substitutes and Quani was back at work within six months.

The worst thing that can happen to Quani is the failure of her Neurochip so it’s not surprising that she’s terrified of EMPs. In the event of the deactivation and removal or the chip, vital organs will only continue to function after 24 hours without sustainable nutrition to the body. Once the 24-hour mark passes it will cause in involuntary twitching of the body muscles, indicating the gradual failure of vital organs.

As one of the StarPol’s electronics officers, Quani is responsible for making sure all the computer systems as well as the androids’ systems at their quarters were in working order - not to mention the cybernetic parts of each cyborg. Highly intelligent and sensitive, Quani isn’t the sort who is going to jump into situations without due thought. She prefers to weight the pros and cons of an incident before making her decision. In the case of an emergency, however, she likely to wait until at least three other people have gone ahead of her before making the jump. That way if something goes wrong, she knows she wouldn’t be the only one in trouble.

Portrayed by: Tess O’Flaherty (2010 audio series)