Name: Mark Richards

Gender: Male

Rank: Special Lieutenant

Division: Tactical Elite Unit

Species: Human

With every one of his adult relatives fighting crime for a living, it’s no wonder Mark Richards has policing in his blood. He comes from a family of cops and Espial agents spanning over 100 generations and it’s been rumoured that his ancestors were part of the English constabulary dating back to the 14th century. He’s also a direct descendent of the Espial’s founder Ally Windsor. However, as he was the third-born, his brother took over the reins as the Espial’s Chief Marshal. Given the chance to chose between StarPol and the Espial as a career, he wavered. He eventually continued the proud family tradition by joining StarPol when he was 19 before successfully transferring into the Tactical Elite Unit.

At 28, he has already gained a fearsome reputation amongst criminals and cops alike. Some say it’s in his eyes, with a stare that could make even the toughest criminals cringe. Others said it was his physique. Like his ancestor Ally, he is the part-time marshal with the Espial Paramilitary Group. Such was his physical capabilities, his colleagues soon learnt that if you wanted to stay on side, you don’t mess with him.

Notes: This character was original written as a female police officer (Michelle) for the 2010 audio series. It has since been changed to balance out the gender roles in the cast.

Portrayed by: Rebekah Rimington (2010 audio series)