Name: Deoj Istow

Gender: Male

Rank: Detective Sergeant

Division: Investigations

Species: Najourn

Character Biography

Born to the Rukbah tribe of the Najourn species, Deoj Istow was youngest of 10 offspring to the dominant female in the clan. Forever picked on by his siblings, Deoj learnt at an early age how to defend himself using his re-tractable claws and reflexes.

Easily angered, Deoj isn’t someone you want to meet in a dark alley. Standing at 6’1”, his strength and dexterity often imposes an intimidating stance to anyone who doesn’t know him. He has an enormous appetite and, being a carnivore, it is strongly suggested not to anger him too much or you could find yourself part of his next meal. With no noticable projectile weapon perferences, he resorts hand-to-hand combat, with retractable claws as sharp as a butcher’s knives, and only uses a stungun if absolutely necessary.

Portrayed by: Ben Crisp (2010 audio series)