Name: Brixx Quilbyss

Gender: Male

Rank: Captain

Division: Command

Species: Hybrid (Human/Unknown)


Character Biography

From the 84th Century, Brixx has seen his fair share of injustice. Brixx comes from a time when not only is most of the universe is being control by Human Pride, but all police forces – especially StarPol – have been rendered extinct and Brixx’s real name is one that most can’t even pronounce.

Contrary to popular belief, Brixx doesn’t know everything there is to know about the future of the universe. Sure, he may know the specific dates in which certain major crimes by the Human Pride will be committed and how but, given the destruction of StarPol and its records, he’s just as in the dark about stopping the crime group as everyone else. He may be currently out of place and out of time with the rest of the crew but at least he has knowledge in the working of 32nd Century technology which he is definitely using to his advantage.

Notes: The character was originally written as Ben Gang for the 2010 audio series. The name was changed to make it sound more alien and futuristic.

Portrayed by: Marlon Dance-Hooi (2010 audio series)