The following episode synopsis were used in the original audio series. More episodes may to added.

Pilot - Into the Fold
Brixx Quilbyss travels back in time to the 32nd Century to try and stop Human Pride from having absolute governing control across the universe.

Episode 1 - Power of the Empress
What begins as a simple peacekeeping mission ends in a complicated drug operation when the crew stumbles across a crime on Planet Cyrabyss. Witnesses have reported seeing a group of hooded beings with glowing green eyes within the area. Crime in this area has grown in the last couple of months - and they were all committed by glowing green-eyed hooded beings.

It soon becomes evident that the Empress may be involved in the marketing of an elicit drug, Trinjun. The crew needs to get past Cryabryss’ law enforcement chief, Zudo Ja’al, to convict him.

Episode 2 - Override
Something is definitely wrong when the crew receives a distress call from a commercial ship transporting military weaponry. As they investigate, they learn that a bomb has been left on the ship with several minutes left to detonation. With the evidence of the ship yet to be analysed, the crew needs to decide how to dispose of the bomb without killing anyone on aboard the Equanimous or destroying important evidence.

Episode 3 - Netscape
Away from the stresses of work, Mark takes some time off to meet his brother in the Net and soon becomes trapped when someone disables and re-writes the logout system. The electronics team try to rectify the issue from the NetCentre but things go from bad to worse when a virus begins to wreck havoc and threatens the lives of all those trapped in the Net.

Episode 4 - The Pendant
The crew receives a distress signal from a floating ship. They let the occupants on board but are soon ambushed by the Mefoks who are draining energy out of all the Equanimous’ electronic controls. It is then they realise is that their attackers’ aim is to disable and overtake. With the crew containing only ten Tactical Elite Officers and with time running out fast, the crew seems to be in dire straits - unless, of course, Mark, Brixx and Xenyx can come up with a very promising plan.

Episode 5 - Family Ties
Brixx finds out that his ancestor has been blackmailed by Human Pride and makes a difficult decision to change the course of history.

Episode 6 - Tainted Blood
A special arms operation goes horribly wrong when two members of the Tactical Elite Unit are kidnapped by Human Pride. The actions of a former adversary brings the operation to a devastating end.