A mercenary from the far future travels back in time to save the cosmos from the perpetual misery of a powerfully corrupt government.

Governance is a futuristic police audio series, set in the early 32nd century. It's a psychologically thrilling, high suspense action series, aimed at bring its listeners to the edge of their seats.

The year is 3108. The universe is experiencing a population boom with the population of Planet Earth spilling to well over ninety billion. Migration to other planets becomes a daily occurrence and as the universe’s population continues to rise, so does its crime rate.

With the emptiness of deep space as its backdrop, StarPol is a force to be reckoned with as its highly trained officers set out to tackle the universe’s most sophisticated crimes, mainly committed by the universe’s most dangerous crime group - Human Pride.

There's never a dull moment an board the police starship, Equanimous. Ranging from simple armed robberies, to a remote computer virus threatening to cripple the main communication system, to high-speed spacefights, to interplanetary deportation conspiracies, our specialised section of StarPol officers have to work constantly to combat them all.